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Servisio di Kura Kura & Limpi )
Servisio di Kura Kura & Limpi )bo ta spanta ku ora hende limpia bo kura i no ta tira bo suchi na mal pais ? wel no spanta mas bell nos. nos t

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Si bo por hanje
E ta na selikor si bo por hanje app mi

Views: 2327 | Uploaded by: goldman | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Electrical installation services
Pa tur bo instalashon nan di koriente di kas / negoshi,Voor alle huis / bedrijf installatie die te maken met electrisiteit ,For all your electrical i

Views: 4322 | Uploaded by: rospiman | Images: 1 | Category: Jobs
Electrical installation services
Morning I’m an jong entrepreneur that just started a company in the electrical industry if you are in need Of: ~House electrical service ~new or rep

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fiber repair of all types of structural damage
We do repair in fiberglass kevlar (aramid) and carbon fiber for cars motorbikes we are also manufacturers of parts in fibers contact us we handle the

Views: 16124 | Uploaded by: felixzajaro | Images: 1 | Category: Jobs
Mi ta buskando un hende serio ku ta hasi fiansaTa dispuesta na paga rente Por tuma kontakto ku mi na

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part time job offered"Guest relation officer"
Looking for a guest relation officer. Someone serious that is trustworthy to handle in a proper manner with my guests and tenants. Making sure the pla

Views: 22570 | Uploaded by: Yeshua | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Nos por hasi tur bo trabounan di konstukshon i lasmentu i klinker app na 5139991

Views: 23033 | Uploaded by: mesterprice00 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Services of a nanny for kids needed
Hello everyone,I am looking for someone who can occupy a babysitting position for a period of 2 years. I just got an attractive job that comes as an o

Views: 23285 | Uploaded by: amanda871 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Pa trabou di service auto, problema ku gearbox , electroniko. Si bo ke saka sla of spuit . Por scan bo auto tambe. Tuma contacto ku 688-6732 of 678-60

Views: 23148 | Uploaded by: Mary1988 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
financieel aanbod nu van toepassing
Ik bied alleen een betrouwbaar financieel aanbod van 1,5% voor de periode van 1 tot 40 jaar, dus voor meer informatie, als je geïnteresseerd bent, ko

Views: 23266 | Uploaded by: edinburgh | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
searching for a job
i am searching for a job. i am 21 years old boy. i can do any job for minimum salary especially in restaurant, i can do all the kitchen works. so kind

Views: 23208 | Uploaded by: sathguru27 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Bontardi Mi Ta Un Mucha Homber ku rnta buska trabou despues di skol i weekend fulltime i den fakansi fulltime, trabou manera yena reki, laba outo,rn 

Views: 23125 | Uploaded by: HIboy04 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
higly effective Bartender
For our restaurant Kyoto Sushi & Grill we are seeking / members who wish our team that truly cares about our people and our guests.The position of a

Views: 23679 | Uploaded by: Corasol | Images: 1 | Category: Jobs
Bo no por haña fiansa??
Si bo no por haña fiansa. Meldu aki,Nos ta keda kla sigur!!+5999 6981547

Views: 23623 | Uploaded by: Seswamesmes | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
proffecional den loodgieters werk..
bo mester drecha pipa awa wc verstopping.drecha geiser ketel pa awa kajente dak.nos ta proffecional studia na hulanda speciaal pa tur sorto di pipa de

Views: 23760 | Uploaded by: sherwinsherw | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
BO MESTER BUSINES CARD? Of flyer of djis un edite
Graphic design service;We can take care of all your flyer, poster, logo, banner,businesscard, & morePhotography & VideographyProduct & portrait photog

Views: 23785 | Uploaded by: GinoHenriquez | Images: 1 | Category: Jobs
PHOTOGRAPHER IN NEED? For event or photoshoot?
PHOTOGRAPHER IN NEED?rn- EVENTrn- PHOTOSHOOTrn- WEDDING OR ANYTHING ELSrnrnCONTACT ME : tell: 6751724rnrnPrijs pa event ta 50fl pa orarnPhotoshoot su

Views: 23760 | Uploaded by: GinoHenriquez | Images: 1 | Category: Jobs
Botin potret pa drecha?rnRaspa? Biew, sker anything?.rnPm mi pa prijs !rn+599 9 6751724

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Si bo tin algun kos chiki kubo ke spuit maneraKashi kushinaFrishidelParti nn di autoKontaktami mesora via app na 6844404

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Easy Property Management
Is your yard clean? Are you having difficulty finding some one to maintain your garden beautiful?We can easily help with that, we can provide you with

Views: 23778 | Uploaded by: EasyPM1 | Images: 1 | Category: Jobs
ta buska part time job
mi ta un hoben di 16 anja. Mi ta buskando un part time job. preferiblemente den weekend of anochi den siman.

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Buskando un parttime job

Views: 23930 | Uploaded by: Tramentipapel | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Bo ta den perta i bo mester di un voorschot pabo por lora te fin di luna kune?? Ata bo oportunidat tuma kontakto ku nos via app na +59995125551

Views: 24279 | Uploaded by: drfresh07 | Images: 1 | Category: Jobs
Transport and Services
ODJAY ServicesVoor al uw benodigheden zijn wij jou eerste optie... Transport (alles mogelijk)Betonmolen, Stijgers, genarator verhuurOnderhoud: tuinen,

Views: 23817 | Uploaded by: odjayservices | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs