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Home Full Service
Do you wish you had more free time? We can make it happen!Home Full Service provide detailed residential cleaning services for our valued customers, d

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Graphic design service;We can take care of all your flyer, poster, logo, banner, brochure, businesscard, menu & catalog designs & morePhotography & Vi

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Ta buska trabou pa kore dumptruck
Mi ta buska trabou pa kore tur tipo di truck .Tene kontakto kumi tel 6712898

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buscando trabajo
Senjora serio y trabajador habla español ta buskando trabou pa sea cuida mucha.....of pa limpia kas......ta disponibel pa traha tur dia si tin meser

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Service pa airco split unit etc
Pa tur bo instalashon service of reparashon di airco di kas of trabou jama of app na 6812164Nos ta dunabu un servisio bon I rapido.

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Se busca trabajo
Soy una chica de 26 años i estoy en busca de un trabaja de limpieza, babysitter o ver gente grande. Tengo mucha experienca en este areas. Mi numero e

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make money at home out this link and follow it share it on fb twitter en all media

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PC/Laptop Repair & Services
Bo tin problema ku bo desktop of laptop? Problema ku software (porgrama) of hardware (e.o. Hard disk)? No buska mas, kontaktami pa mi solushona bo pro

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bo mester limpia bo kura korta mata enz?
nos ta limpia bo kura limpi limpi.nos ta traha pa kaba nada ku flohera.nos por papia tokante preis depende kon grandi e kura ta.nos ta hoben nan posie

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Independent Distributor
We are selling Skinny Body Care weight-loss and ageless productsrnsee here: for more on the company and the products. .rnrnAft

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Kos di boka dushii
Pa tur pedido pa loke ta trata kos nan di boka dushii manera koi lechi,kokada,tentalaira,panseiku,zjozjoli y hopi tene kontakto ku nos fia nos account

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Auto Service
Pa servicio pa service bo auto y scan motor pa asina wak ku tur kos ta ok.tuma kontakto ku nos via mail awe mes.

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job wanted
mi ta un hoben di 25 anja mi ta buskando un job den bouw of otro kos ku hende homber por hasi pe trasport tmb 5290433 bel mi si bo tin job pami.

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Ta buskando un Job
Mita un hoben di 17 aña kuta buskando un job despues di skol i den weekend. Mita un hoben serio kubo por konfia fasil. Si bo tin un job pami bel mi o

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Bo ke ta finansieramente stabiel?
Bo ta fada ku mei mei di luna ta jega i sen a kaba? Nos a krea un sistema fasil kon dor di sin hasi hopi bo por gana basta sen. Bo ke sa ta kon? Manda

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trahado pa den toko
ta buscando mucha homber of muhe ku ta interesa pa trata trabou di toko entre otro traha ku fornu di pan, drecha reki, korta beleg, limpia fruta etc.

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Services of a babysitter/Nanny needed
We are an American family highly in need of a nanny to take care of our kids. Daily activities will include the following; - Their personal hygiene ma

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IBMS student looking for a job.
I am a third year IBMS student looking for a part time job, in order to get more expirience, if you're interested in helping me, please contact me at:

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Ofrese Transporte
Ta ofrese transporte pa trabou of skol na un preis abouPa mas info app of bel na 6734757

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Happy Garden e solushon.
Fakansie ta jegando i e kura su kara ta poko sera? Jama nos di Happy garden pa laga bo kura keda smile!! Nos ta limpia bo kura piki tur shushi bai kun

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Chaming Cooling Services
Nos ta instala Servise i Drecha : Airco Split Unit- Frishidel- Freezer- Wasmashine number di tel ta 6971368/ 5202691

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YDK YouTube Channel Chek e is Gonna Be The Second Part of TJOC:R The Joy Of Creation Reborn!. Yo Bonnie is Scary Boi! Co

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oferta pa e luna aki services di airco pa Fl 55,-
Pa e luna di mei aki prepara pa e tempu di kalor. Omega Refrigeration ta ofrese service di airko pa Fl 55,- pa 9000 ku 12000 BTU y Fl 65,- pa 18000 i

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Five Star Hotel Looking For Skilled Workers
St. Regis Hotel & Resort is a Forbes five-star hotel, AAA five-diamond luxury hotel and Resorts with head quarter in New York, USA. We are currently i

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