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Fast Cash
Mei mei di luna a jega i bo mester di un judansa finansiero? nos di fast Cash ta brindabu un fiansa di moda ku bo por jena e bashi mei mei di luna ei

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Looking for someone to care for your elderly during the day or keep their company that they don't feel lonely or prepare their meals and help with som

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CAR RENT AUTO TE HUUR ALQUILER CARRO MAAND MONTHLY MENSUALGood car for an affordable price? Starting from Naf . 700, - per month (All inclusive), With

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ta buska trabou den restaurant
Ta buska trabou den mahinta pa yuda e koki korta i prepara kos,mi tin hopi eksperensia den e kushina.mi ta papia ingles ku papiamentu

Views: 950 | Uploaded by: shaqdeetum | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Luigi\\\'s Business
Bo ta buskando un ferfdo ku ta ferf bo kas bunita i na un prijs redelijk!! awel yama awe mes pa un sita i nos lo tra un afsprak i delibera 6774450.

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Travel Agent Wanted
-Bo ke tin bo propio AGENSIA DI BIAHE-Bo ke sinta na KAS i tra-Abo ta pone bo ORARIO pa tra-Boek vakantie pa bo klientenan i bo mes i risibi 75% na KO

Views: 1394 | Uploaded by: MyDreamyDestinations | Images: 2 | Category: Jobs
Certified Travel Agent
Become a home based Certified Travel Agent. No experience required as Suppliers provide complete training and Certification. As an Agent, you can trav

Views: 1097 | Uploaded by: MyDreamyDestinations | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Working from home
Bo ke tra sen hopi hopi fasil sin meste bende nada ku niun hende? Sin monthly fee? Komberti f375 den f14000 kuantu biaha ku abo ke?? Inbox mi pa mas i

Views: 1272 | Uploaded by: Pamela32 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
hoben di 16 anja ta buska trabou
mi ta un mucha homber di 16 anja 3klas tkl ta buskando un job i mi ta un gai ku por sinja foi su trabou mi ke un part time job por hanja kontakto kumi

Views: 1105 | Uploaded by: theholypizza | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Ta buska trahado.
Kòmpiutertékniko N.V. ta buskando un persona entusiasma ku sa kon drecha probelmanan basiko riba Kòmpiuter.Nos ta ofrese un bon salario i oportunid

Views: 1295 | Uploaded by: kompiuterteknikonv | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Work from home
Bo ke tra sen hopi hopi fasil sin meste bende nada ku niun hende? Sin monthly fee? Komberti f375 den f14000 kuantu biaha ku abo ke?? Inbox mi pa mas i

Views: 951 | Uploaded by: Pamela32 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Global intergold
www.globalintergold.comInverti 350 fl anto traha 3500fl mas lihe ku nunka !!!!!!!!!Pa mas informashon contact info: +59996818069Ami mes ta den e pyram

Views: 1176 | Uploaded by: BDTBML | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Buskando job
Mi ta un hoben di 18 aña i mi ta buskando un job. Lomi ta hopi kontentu sii un hende lo por a ofresemi un bn trabou. 😁👌

Views: 965 | Uploaded by: Kimmy18 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
ta buska transport
Ta buska transport pa hiba trabou i buska for di trabou. orario di 8:30/5or pm , di brievengat pa salinja pa mas informashon yama na of app 673-7279

Views: 1007 | Uploaded by: MILLY22 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Traha pa bo mes den un Team...
Semper ba sonja di tin bo mes negoshi. Lanta sin wekker, traha den ora nan ku abo mes ta stipula, of e entrada na trabou no ta jega i bo ta buskando a

Views: 1598 | Uploaded by: Braquary | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
jerry \'s transport
pa transport di santu, split, diabaas, bouwmaterialen awel ta jerry's transport bo mester bel. bel na +59996936791. seri, rapido i na bon prijs.

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Audivisual Services
Hello , I offer graphic design services for printing brochures, flyers, catalogs, cups , notebooks, diaries , etc. I also offer web design in Drupal ,

Views: 922 | Uploaded by: rafacarreto | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Bent u opzoek naar iemand om op uw kinderen te passen ?Zoek niet verder ik ben een Dame van 38 jaar. Bent u geinteresseerd ? bel mij op 6935131

Views: 945 | Uploaded by: Sabyou | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
sibo mestei un koki pabo fiesta sena of grill.of bo mestei buffet bel mesora no duda 668680

Views: 1111 | Uploaded by: rayli1 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Felis dia. No ignora e golden oportunity aki.Dikon skohe pa EMGOLDEX?!!-Inverti 350 Florin solamente UN BIAHA-Ganashi por kobrele na ORO 24K of PLAKA

Views: 1171 | Uploaded by: siana132 | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Bo tin trabouw pero bo ke algu extra? of bo no tin entr
Bo mester ta motiva. I gana di traha, bo mes skohe bo oranan di trabouw. Bo no mester tin experensia nos mes lo train bo. Solamente un kurason motiva.

Views: 1313 | Uploaded by: cornerstone | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
waiters & bartenders service.
si bo tin un fiesta,buffet,kasamentu,evento speshal i di negoshi ect i bo mester di waiters, bartenders,koki of hende pa yudabu drecha tur kos pa bo e

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Invert in Gold
EMGOLDEX specializes in the buying and selling of investment gold bars of different value. Our investment gold is procured and provided only by the to

Views: 1090 | Uploaded by: GOBACTIVE | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs
Mi ta un mucha muhe di 18 aña for di mainta Mi ta wak mucha di 1te Ku 4 aña I mi ta peña , app mi na 6928888

Views: 892 | Uploaded by: virguababe | Images: 0 | Category: Jobs